State Representative District 32 Seat B - Dave Radford

I appreciate Dave Radford's strong support of family values. Ultimately all other issues will survive only if government works to protect family values. Dave is valiant in his commitments; that is why I will be voting for Dave Radford for County Commissioner.
~Dale Peterson

Thomas V. Campbell, Mayor - Idaho Falls

I have known Dave Radford as a friend and businessman in our community for six years. I have found him to be a person of quality and high moral character. He worked hard to develop and manage a successful business in Idaho Falls. My daughter was employed at Mr. Radford's Drive-Inn Restaurant and I was impressed with the way he worked with the young people in his employ. He treated them with respect and fairness and was a good employer.

I feel confident that Dave Radford would be successful in and area of management.

Thomas V. Campbell
Mayor - Idaho Falls